What does that mean?  

Every week Attrition Coalition will provide the meaning of current political terms to help shed some light on everything that’s going on. You could Google it, but we thought this would be easier.

Asset Forfeiture: (See also Civil Forfeiture) Sounds like something out of a Monopoly game, but it’s actually when the state can take control of things related to or instruments of a crime. Think: the Feds seizing money linked to a drug ring. Its potentially a method of funneling money back into the community–police equipment, etc, but critics say it’s an ill defined legal justification to steal personal property, sometimes without any conviction in place. Confused? Don’t worry, POTUS felt the same way.

Executive Orders (EO) – what does that exactly entail?  It’s a legal order that POTUS signs to pass along to government agencies to enact on, but it cannot reverse a law passed by Congress. If you’ve checked out the ping pong game with the Global Gag Order over the years, you’ll see that presidents are not above passing and overturning their predecessor’s EOs merely to make a political point. So while it’s disturbing to see all these EOs signed in rapid succession, it’s good to know they are set in Play Doh, not stone.

Sanctuary Cities/States: In a nutshell, a city/state within the US that provides shelter to illegal immigrants, whether by law or by action. Here’s a crash course on how it all works. POTUS has threatened to cut federal funding to US Sanctuaries with little to no effect.


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