Welcome to Attrition Coalition

Attrition Coalition is a social activism community. By simplifying and streamlining the activistic process, we make it easy and attainable for people to join and participate in causes on a local, regional, and national scale. Each user can filter their experience based on the causes they care about most. Our long term goal is to educate a less politically savvy audience, and provide them with concise mobilization directives within each region and cause platform. These directives include next steps for easily executable Calls-to-Action, or information on “real space” events. Members can spend as little or as much time as they choose, but know that even the smallest effort can still make a difference.

We launched with 5 major cause platforms: (and are open to adding more)

  • LGBTQ Equalityprotecting members of the LGBTQ community from restrictive legislation that would limit the protection or their equal rights under the law.
  • Women’s Health and Reproductive Rightshelping to ensure that women maintain the right and freedom to choose what they do with their own bodies, regardless of their location or financial circumstances.
  • Civil Libertiesworking towards religious, racial, minority, and ethnic equality.
  • Political Reform: protecting the democratic nature of our politics, including eliminating voter suppression, capping corporate donations/stopping loopholes, reducing lobbyist influence in politics
  • Climate Changeworking to enact further legislation recognizing and confronting climate change as being caused and controllable by humans

We bolster events for current groups specific to each cause area, such as Planned Parenthood, as well as hosting our own networking and meetup events on a local scale. Coalition members can choose to join a group at a march or attend a happy hour networking event.  Our goal is to build social connections as well as political ones for long term, sustained engagement.

We also aim to inform the average non-politically aware individual about what’s happening in our government.  We define specific terms, we introduce current lawmakers, and aim to fully explain the different branches and committees of the US government.

We need your help. If you see an action item that resonates with you, take it. If you see an issue we need to rally behind, let us know. If you are passionate about a cause area, region or state, join us and make a difference.