“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people”

~ Thomas Jefferson


All of us took basic civics in elementary school, and perhaps a Politics 101 course  or two in college. But, if you’re like us, most of that info was quickly replaced by other, more pertinent, information like “who’s that cute guy in the front row” and “wow, beer is good” pretty quickly.

Prior to Nov 9, 2016 that was fine by most of us – but things have changed. Now we are finding ourselves knee-deep in conversations with random facebook friends and drunk Uncle Mike who are all insisting that Trumps executive orders are completely legitimate and within his rights and responsibilities as our new president. Deep within our heart of hearts, we know Uncle Mike is wrong but lack the basic knowledge of how government works to really stick it to him with honest-to-god real facts (none of that alt-facts bullshit).

Rather than point you to a wikipedia page, or some very dry government pages that explain the inner workings of government, we’re taking that on ourselves and summarizing what we find into chunks that are easy to understand, remember and will give you the ammo you need to take on Uncle Mike in an intelligent, thoughtful and respectful way.

If you want to learn who these crazy (and some not-so-crazy) people are who represent us on a daily basis, explore Meet your Lawmakers. If you don’t understand what an executive order really does or what exactly they mean by Sanctuary City, check out What Does That MeanAnd if everyone in your office is talking about the latest tweet or drama at 1600, head to Week in Review to catch up on the latest government gossip.

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