Women's Reproductive Health Rights: Supporting Women in the Continued Fight for Health, Choice and Equality

A woman’s right to choose what she can and cannot do with her body has become a political issue within the last century. There are many instances of how women are not treated equally throughout today’s society, including unpaid maternity leave, restrictive laws being passed against abortions, and the current push to defund Planned Parenthood on both a federal and state-by-state case. In 1973, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion rights (Roe v. Wade), and again in 1992 the court rejected a motion to disallow abortion based on trimester, while affirming that women have the right to an abortion until a fetus is declared viable (Planned Parenthood v. Casey). Restrictive laws have been instated in many states making it nearly impossible for women to have abortions, in many cases by closing down health clinics that also provide affordable healthcare options for the impoverished. Attrition Coalition has dedicated this activism platform towards supporting women in the continued fight for health, choice, and equality, while working on protecting the current resources afforded to them.

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