Political Reform: Fighting for Voter Equality and Fair Democracy

The United States government was founded and established to serve each citizen and ensure liberty and equality for all. Unfortunately, that concept has been misconstrued and abused within the last few decades, and democratic processes have been bastardized by political manipulation and corporate interests. Senators and Representatives’ votes are constantly bought and paid for by lobbyists and corporations. The basic voting rights for each individual American have been compromised with the introduction of voter suppression laws, redistricting, poll reductions, and gerrymandering. The DNC was blatantly hacked by Russia, who then released confidential emails to sway public opinion towards the candidate Putin favored. The newest low point comes with the theory that many of the poll results from the latest presidential election were bolstered by outside influences in the form of hackers. Attrition Coalition has dedicated this activism platform towards reducing corporate interests in American elections and government, ensuring that the election process is accessible and fair for all citizens, and reforming the process to ensure that the will of the people is democratically expressed and respected.