Climate Change: Protecting the Earth Today, Tomorrow and into the Future

Climate Change refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth. An overwhelming scientific consensus maintains that human impact on our planet has caused potentially catastrophic changes to the climate because of the use of fossil fuels and the subsequent release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases into the air. The main resistance to this scientific community comes from lobbyists working for Oil, Coal, and Gas companies, claiming the overwhelming amount of statistical data is nothing more than a hoax or conspiracy theory. Prolonged use of these fuels will continue to contribute towards many consequences, including increased severe weather, rising sea levels placing millions of coastal-living populations at risk, the continued extinction of many wildlife and plant species, drought conditions affecting farming and livestock communities, and many more issues resulting in severe danger to the human race and it’s continued existence. Any political legislation designed without climate change and its ramifications in mind is a dangerous and harmful step towards a future we might not live to see. Attrition Coalition has dedicated this activism platform towards enacting progressive legislation that will help reduce the dependency on these harmful practices and work towards new, renewable and environmentally friendly technologies to help ensure climate change does not produce irreversible and catastrophic end results for the human species.

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